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The Piano ONE

$13.95 plus g.s.t.


4 Fl. oz.

Organically formulated to clean, polish, wax and protect, and infused with white Brazilian carnauba wax to deliver a transparent, protective shield with a high gloss shine. With added UV protectants and anti-static agents. Safe on all semi- and high-gloss finishes. 

Lucite Caster Cups

Set of 3 – Grand Piano $45.00 + g.s.t.

Set of 4 – Upright Piano $55.00 + g.s.t.

Available in 3 colours: clear, black and brown.
4 ½” Outside diameter; 2 ¾” inside diameter.
If colour matching is a problem, we recommend using the clear Lucite caster cups.

Piano Life Saver Humidity Control System

By Dampp-Chaser
Supply & install

Michael is proud to service, sell and install the Piano Life Saver Humidity Control Systems. He is considered by Dampp-Chaser Corp. to be a recommended “Field Expert”. Protect your piano’s investment value by having a piano climate control system installed out of sight inside your piano, grand or upright, to combat dry and humid conditions that can cause costly damage.

Humidifier PAD Treatment & Pads for Lifesaver Humidity Control System

PAD Treatment (16 oz.) is the only product recommended for use in the Piano Life Saver Humidifier System from Dampp-Chaser Corporation.

PAD Treatment prolongs humidifier pad life, keeps the watering tube clean and clear, and reduces mineral build-up in the humidifier tank. Use one (1) capful every time you refill the humidifier with water.

Humidifier pads (4-pack), for the Piano Life Saver System from Dampp-Chaser Corporation, should be changed at least twice a year.

Grand Piano Detailing Kit

$59.95 plus g.s.t.

This kit includes everything you need to keep your piano clean and beautiful: an 8 oz. Spray Bottle of your desired polish, a 4 oz. spray bottle of Key-Brite Key Cleaner, a Pin Block Cleaning Brush, Sounding Board Steel to clean under the strings, Mega Duster Dusting Cloth, Cleaner Cloth and Polisher Cloth. Complete instructions with piano diagram included.