Who Are We?

Michael Lipnicki Fine Pianos Ltd. is Calgary’s Premier Piano Store for piano sales and service!

Not only do we sell top-rated new pianos, we have a large selection of used pianos. All used pianos (consignments and trade-ins) go through our shop first for cleaning, repairs and tuning.

We also service all makes of pianos for Concert Stages, Universities and Colleges, Schools, Teaching Studios and our own valued customers. Michael is also the choice technician for work on Steinway pianos.

We offer regular piano maintenance like tuning, voicing and regulating to complete piano rebuilding and restoration.



Registered Piano Technician R.P.T.

I suppose I was destined for a career in pianos as I grew up around pianos in various states of repair since my father and uncles were all in the piano business. Initially their training began at the Ontario School for the Blind as eye-sight problems afflicted every male of their generation.

Tuning was a skill they could hone as their hearing and other senses were already heightened. Since my eyesight was fine, I assisted them from a very early age, in literally hundreds of tunings, helping to take the piano apart and keep track of their tools needed for tuning. Once I had my driver’s license, I also got to chauffeur them around – much to my Aunts’ delight.


Office Administration

I grew up in Calgary in a musical and artsy family, attended the University of Calgary Faculty of Management, (now the Haskayne School of Business), where I earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree. After graduation I went to work with my mom, Irene, at Irene Besse

Keyboards while I looked for my “dream job”. Ha. 11 years later I left to have my son, Matthew, and decided I’d like to be home with him as much as I could, for as long as I could. That’s when Michael and I decided to run his piano tuning business from home with me at the helm. That grew into a small shop with a tiny bit of showroom space and then a move to our current location on Centre Street after my mom retired and closed Irene Besse Keyboards.


Office and Shop Assistant

And so the Lipnicki tradition continues – now Matthew is our “Child Labour”! Daddy’s special “pi-nano” helper, when he was little.

Now, taller than Nicole and almost as tall as Michael, a teenager through-and-through, he’s not as excited as he once was to help out in the shop and office. Go figure.


Irene Besse

Sales Representative

Referred to as Calgary’s First Lady of Music, Irene Besse is available by-appointment to help you select the right instrument for you and your family. With over 50-years in the music industry from piano and organ teacher to sales to entrepreneur to building and running her own music empire for decades, this icon just can’t leave the business, even after “retiring” a little over 6 years ago.


Sales Representative

Although Carlo is an Engineering graduate from the University of Calgary, his love of music has been a constant throughout his life. Carlo holds his AR or Associate Diploma in Piano Performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music, he teaches private piano lessons and is an avid classical music lover.

When not connecting pianos with people, teaching or attending concerts, you might find Carlo hiking, cycling or weight-lifting.

Lorna Schmaltz

Service Coordinator

Lorna is the friendly, helpful voice on the phone, that helps with everything from arranging to have your piano tuned, serviced, moved, shipped accross the country or overseas.  Lorna also looks after our recital space bookings.


Piano Technician


Sales Representative

Music lives in Ray!  Not only is Ray a fine musician, but he has been helping folks find the right piano for their needs for over 50 years! He’s a music man, thorugh and through.


Piano Technician